Re: Jersey 2.26 and jax-rs 2.1 maven dependency problem

Pavel Bucek

Hello crizo23,

I haven't seen any message from you on jax-rs list. Also, there is no users mailing list. We don't have any official messaging about stackoverflow.

jax-rs mailing list would be best, but.. let me answer here.

can you download this?

and list this dir?

I'm not sure from where is the link you've pasted coming from, but it is certainly wrong - but that doesn't mean jax-rs poms are incorrect. I'd recommend using and, since these are the official (and working) ways to access maven central.


On 19/09/2017 18:40, crizo23 via Groups.Io wrote:
I'm attempting to pull in Jersey 2.6 with Gradle. Gradle complains that it can't resolve due to:

And when you visit the maven page, the "files" link returns a 404.
As you can see, the packaging .type variable is not getting resolved. I'm wondering if it's because the maven profile isn't getting set due to an incorrect <jdk> "profile activation" value.
The [jax-rs 2.1 POM][1] defines the "jdk8-"  profile as: 
I'm wondering if the (,9) is preventing any profile from getting picked up:
According to the maven [range spec][2], should it be this? 

I suspect this is a jax-rs pom problem. I've posted a message to the jax-rs group as well but thus far it's very difficult to determine who to contact for this (, user mailing list, stackoverflow,etc).

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