Re: Jersey 2.26 and jax-rs 2.1 maven dependency problem

Chris Olson

Hi Pavel,

Thanks for the response. I thought I tried sending a message to the jax-rs list last week, but then I had some subscriptions issues so perhaps I was confused.

"jax-rs mailing list" - do you mean the jax-rs list (which I'm assuming resolves to

Yes, the link to works fine, as well as the directory listing

The link I pasted is from the "Files" link at (see screenshot)
The error in Gradle seems related to the 404 when clicking the link for "Files".

When I navigate to the jax-rs pom in, it leads me to
This pom also contains the <packaging>${packaging.type}</packaging element. It's my theory that the packaging.type variable is not getting resolved.

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