Re: Is there an archive of the JPA expert group mailing list?

Guillermo González de Agüero

Thanks, great to hear the explanation.

El mar., 23 ene. 2018 19:15, Bill Shannon <bill.shannon@...> escribió:
The archives are too big to host at GitHub.

We expect the Eclipse mailing lists to be used going forward.

Guillermo González de Agüero wrote on 1/22/18 10:53 PM:
I have the same question. I don't think Oracle will want to donate the archive to Eclipse, but moving it to the GitHub repo would make it more visible and permanent.

El mar., 23 ene. 2018 a las 7:09, Werner Keil (<werner.keil@...>) escribió:

Thanks for the message. Can't speak for Oracle on that, but another good question is, whether this list still continues or it will be shut down and moved to


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