Mojarra Pull Requests now and at EE4J

Edward Burns

Hello JSF Community,

I have been delighted to see all the pull requests coming in over
GitHub. Thank you very much for contributing them.

Pull Requests or comments have been submitted by some of the following
GitHub identities:

Alin Constantin
Arend v. Reinersdorf
Clint Munden
Cody Lerum
Hantsym Bai
Jens Berke
Juri Berlanda
Kyle J Stiemann
Mauro Molinari
Neil Griffin
Piotrek -B
Roland H
Sebastien Lepage
Sergey Morenets
Thomas Andraschko
Vladimir Dvorak

As you know, Oracle is donating Java EE 8 (and only Java EE 8, no prior
versions) to Eclipse as EE4J. If you are content for your Mojarra pull
request to only go into EE4J (no prior versions of Mojarra, even JSF
2.3.x and earlier), then you have two choices regarding the legalities
of getting a PR accepted:

1. Wait for the initial donation of EE4J, which will include Mojarra
master branch, and follow the Eclipse contributor process for EE4J, once
it is established.

2. Follow the Oracle Contributor Agreement (OCA) [1] and ALSO follow the
Eclipse Contributor Process for EE4J once it is established.

If you want to entertain the possibility of your PR being accepted
before the Eclipse contributor process for EE4J is established, *OR* you
want your PR to be considered for a version of Mojarra 2.3.0 or earlier,
you must follow the OCA [1].

We cannot accept any pull requests into the existing
<> project without a valid and
confirmed OCA.

It is our intent to look at every PR and evaluate the feasibility of
accepting it.



| edburns@... | office: 407 458 0017


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