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Neil Griffin

Hi Kito,

Thanks indeed for doing this. It is very important to have a modern look and updated content.

But the number of sites and URLs are just too much, too much:

* The site you are updating which has easy to remember URLs: (also dot org)

* The Mojarra site, which has a URL that isn't quite as easy to remember:

* The Spec site, which has a URL that is difficult (for me, at least) to remember:

I vote for #2 in order to unify all the sites with an easy to remember URL.


On 10/31/17 8:05 AM, Josh Juneau wrote:
Hi Kito,
Thanks for doing this!  I really like the look of the updated site.  It provides a fresh and modern feel, and I think it is exactly the face lift that JSF needs.  I personally think it is important to have a user-facing site for JSF, like the one you've created, and still maintain a project spec site separately.  In my opinion, the users of JSF do not necessarily have to get into the nitty gritty details of the specification work, so the sites should be separate, or at a minimum there should be a separate section of the site devoted to the specification work for those who wish to see that level of detail.
Nice work, and I vote for either 1 or 2 in your list.  One question would remain if we chose #2 is if the other specifications for EE4J will be following a similar strategy for their web presence.  It would be good to try and maintain a similar strategy across the platform specs in my opinion.  So if the others are going to choose single location to host spec sites (GitHub perhaps) then JSF should do the same in my opinion.  That is still not yet decided though and I think it will be a while before decisions like that are made.  So in the meantime, I vote for moving forward with a site like the one you've created for the user-facing site.
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On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 6:39 AM, Kito Mann < <>> wrote:
As many of you know, <> has been out of date for quite some time. I had a contractor of mine create a new version of the site using Jekyll and github so we could have something more collaborative and easy to maintain. The first draft of the site is finished, but still needs to be updated with new content and cleaned up a bit: I started this initiative before the EE4J news, in order to give the community an easy way to update the site. However, with the move to EE4J, it's possible the main JSF spec site may be easier for the community to edit collaboritvely. So, basically, I see three options here:
(1) Update <> as originally planned; separate from the JSF spec site
(2) Use <> as the starting point for the new JSF spec site once it has been moved to EE4J
(3) Scrap <> and update the spec site collaboratively (once it moves to EE4J?)
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