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As many of you know, has been out of date for quite some time. I had a contractor of mine create a new version of the site using Jekyll and github so we could have something more collaborative and easy to maintain. The first draft of the site is finished, but still needs to be updated with new content and cleaned up a bit: I started this initiative before the EE4J news, in order to give the community an easy way to update the site. However, with the move to EE4J, it's possible the main JSF spec site may be easier for the community to edit collaboritvely. So, basically, I see three options here:

(1) Update as originally planned; separate from the JSF spec site
(2) Use as the starting point for the new JSF spec site once it has been moved to EE4J
(3) Scrap and update the spec site collaboratively (once it moves to EE4J?)



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