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Arjan Tijms


As for the domain name, I have to agree with Ed and be careful about using anything with the name “java” in it.

Once tEE4J (or whatever name the actual project will get) is fullly established, I’d love to see sub domains being used to somewhat emphasise the correlation between the specs.



(The JSF and jpa names are not decided either but just as placeholder)

Just my 2 cents

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms

On Tuesday, October 31, 2017, Ed Burns <edburns@...> wrote:
Hello Kito,

Thanks for reactivating that site.  I hate to be the spoilsport here, but based on empirical observations, names that start with "java" tend to be at risk for Oracle asserting their right to use that name.  Therefore, I can only advise option 3:

KM> (3) Scrap and update the spec site collaboratively (once it moves to EE4J?)



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