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Kito Mann

Hey Ed,

I think it's fair to point out that has been up and running for several years without any complaints with Oracle, and that was before all of the Java EE drama of the past few years.

With respect to the spec site, will there be more extensive collaboration before the EE4J move?


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On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 12:51 PM, Ed Burns <edburns@...> wrote:
Hello Kito,

Thanks for reactivating that site.  I hate to be the spoilsport here, but based on empirical observations, names that start with "java" tend to be at risk for Oracle asserting their right to use that name.  Therefore, I can only advise option 3:

KM> (3) Scrap and update the spec site collaboratively (once it moves to EE4J?)



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