Re: JSF 2.3 Section 5.4.1 question regarding injection

Edward Burns

On Tue, 22 Aug 2017 07:18:25 -0700, said:
PN> Hello, According to the JSF spec section 5.4.1 JSF Managed Classes
PN> and Java EE Annotations, there are a bunch of JSF artifacts eligible
PN> for injection.

On Fri, 17 Nov 2017 05:23:29 -0800, Edward Burns <> said:
EB> First, let me introduce you to Ren Zhijun. Zhijun is taking over as
EB> maintenance lead of JSF for all versions of JSF 2.3 and earlier.
EB> What happens with new JSRs after 2.3 is up to EE4J.

PN> On MyFaces, all these objects allow injection when they are
PN> registered globally via faces-config.xml.  However, injection in
PN> ActionListener and PhaseListener dont work if they are registered
PN> per component/view in a facelet using  <f:actionListener/> and
PN> <f:phaseListener/>.

PN> The following MyFaces JIRA was opened to discuss the issue with the
PN> MyFaces community:

PN> On Mojarra, I was not able to get these objects to support
PN> injection,  I tried registering them globally via faces-config.xml
PN> and registering them per component/view in a facelet.

PN> Does injection in ActionListener or PhaseListener need to be
PN> supported when they are registered in a facelet using
PN> <f:actionListener/> and <f:phaseListener/>?

I think they should support injection, but I will leave that for Zhijun
to decide.



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