Re: JSF 2.3 Table 5-3 JSF artifacts eligible for injection - Constructor Injection question


I reached out to Ed Burns directly and got the following response:

Hello Paul,

Thanks for following the correct protocol for reaching out to us as
stewards of JSF.  I'm very sorry that I was unable to meet your correct
action with correct action of my own in the form of a timely response.

First, let me introduce you to Ren Zhijun.  Zhijun is taking over as
maintenance lead of JSF for all versions of JSF 2.3 and earlier.  What
happens with new JSRs after 2.3 is up to EE4J.  We can consider this
mail a handoff.

Second, the matter at hand.  I have reviewed the table in question and
agree with your implementation analysis.  Therefore, I agree with your
suggestion to file an issue against the platform spec and an errata for
JSF 2.3.

PN> What would you suggest is the next action for the JSF spec? Should I
PN> open an issue against the EE platform spec to say JSF offers limited
PN> support rather than standard support? Can we also add this to the
PN> errata for JSF 2.3 as we did for:

Zhijun, can you please add this issue to the JSF 2.3 change log for when
we are able to release an MR for JSF 2.3?


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