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Bill Shannon <bill.shannon@...>

Unfortunately there's too many people involved in this contribution process and not everyone is aware of everything that's going on.  That definitely includes me.

What was supposed to happen was we were supposed to quiesce the old project, produce a release (including verifying that it passes the TCK), and then transfer the project to Eclipse.

I was under the impression that we were having a discussion about which branch to transfer to Eclipse because we hadn't yet transferred anything and because the master branch wasn't passing the TCK.  If in fact we've already transferred the master branch and it's not actually passing the TCK, we need to fix that ASAP.  We may need to redo the transfer, or we may need to overlay fixes that are made to the old repository.

Please work with the rest of the Oracle team to apply any required fixes to the Oracle GitHub repository so that it passes the TCK and a new release can be made.  Then we can fix the Eclipse repository.


arjan tijms wrote on 04/27/18 01:06 PM:


On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 9:48 PM, Bill Shannon <bill.shannon@...> wrote:
My understanding is that the master isn't passing the JSF 2.3 TCK, perhaps because some API changes have been introduced?

The API project in master has not been touched, it's 100% identical to the 2.3 branch. 

But it's always possible an accidental bug has crept in the implementation project that causes faulty behaviour (this would have been my mistake then).

In this case, if I'm not mistaken, it's only a NullPointerException that's accidentally wrapped in a FacesException.
Do you expect master to be JSF 2.3 compatible?

Yes indeed, it should be fully 2.3 compatible. No behaviour (should) have been changed.
I think we would like to get master back to JSF 2.3 compatible so we can contribute it to Eclipse.  How difficult will that be?

I can only assume it should be easy. I'll take a look at the exception right away. The contribution to Mojarra has already been done, hasn't it? 

  The bug fixes that have been applied to the branch can either be applied to master now or can be applied to the Eclipse project after it's created.

I've just created an issue to track this effort:

I can apply the bug fixes to either repo (Oracle or Eclipse), but since the master has already been transferred I assume that Eclipse is easiest.

Please advise, so I can potentially start with this task this weekend.

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms


arjan tijms wrote on 04/27/18 04:11 AM:

The major difference between MOJARRA_2_3X_ROLLING and master are the number of patches Bauke and Kyle did while the vetting of the master was already in progress.

I think MOJARRA_2_3X_ROLLING can not just be donated, as it hasn't been vetted. All the license checks and removal of (non-compliant) libraries has been done in master.

The patches however should all be very focussed individual changes, and as they have been applied to MOJARRA_2_2X_ROLLING and before as well, I think it will be much easier to apply them one by one to the master at Eclipse.

Kind regards,

On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 5:14 AM, <ren.zhijun@...> wrote:
Hi Arjan,

In our Github project javaserverfaces/mojarra, MOJARRA_2_3X_ROLLING branch is "119 commits ahead, 297 commits behind master".

What's the main differences between the two branches?  The merge from 2.3 to master will be very difficult cause you have done file structure refactoring, right?

For current donation to Eclipse, can we donate MOJARRA_2_3X_ROLLING instead of master branch? it means that 297 commits in master will not be donated to Eclipse, do you have concern about it?



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