Any plan to make the JsonConfig to support customizing the date format of different Java date types?


In the JSON-B 1.0 specification, section 3.5, it supports ALL the native date types of Java like, java.time.LocalDate and java.time.LocalTime. HOWEVER, in the JsonConfig, it ONLY provide a single withDateFormat() method (section 4.8) to apply the global custom date format which will make ALL supported date type to use this format.

BUT, there will be a problem if your application use different different date types such as java.util.Date, java.time.LocalDate and java.time.LocalTime. Because when you define the
in withDateFormat(), there will be an exception thrown if the object has java.time.LocalTime field.

So, I think it maybe better to allow the client to configure the date format by different date type => e.g:
  • withDateFormat(java.util.Date, dateFormat, Locale)
  • withDateFormat(java.time.LocalDate, dateFormat, Locale)
  • ...
What do you think about it?

Thank you.

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