[ADMIN] New Official Home for Servlet Spec API and Issue Tracker

Edward Burns

Thanks to those of you who joined groups.io servlet-spec. The
stragglers are Bcc'd on this mail. If you are an EG member and have not
yet joined groups.io servlet-spec, please do so now. Shing-wai and I
will continue to Bcc the stragglers on every Oracle-sent mail to
groups.io servlet-spec, but of course others are not expected to do

On Thu, 27 Apr 2017 14:17:44 -0700, Edward Burns <edward.burns@...> said:
EB> With the end of java.net upon us [1] I would like to announce that our
EB> issue tracker and javadoc workspaces have moved.

EB> The new home for the Servlet Spec issue tracker is
EB> https://github.com/javaee/servlet-spec/issues The numbers line up
EB> the same as in the JIRA.

EB> The new home for the Javadoc and Servlet API is
EB> https://github.com/javaee/javax.servlet

This has been incorporated into



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